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The Nyco Project. Photo by Jordi Pol


Pre-covid we welcomed the band. They came in with cameras, green screen, lighting and ready to spend sleepless hours... TNP filmed four songs in four days! Their production became an EP, the third of The New Machine series.


Wipe Me To Forget, Mamma Doom, Don't Say A Word & You Bring Me Hope are all beautiful journeys of perception expansion on love and existentialism, later exhibited as interactive moving paintings that respond to touch.


You can read about The Nyco Project below and find out more about their work here.

The New Machine III square large framed.
The Nyco Project. Photo by Jordi Pol

The Nyco Project is a psychedelic pop-rock band created by Strange Pill artists with a vision of music as collage. They are hypnotic musically but also in the creations they make with the original filmed live performances of their sounds.

Back in 2009 The Nyco Project started capturing their sounds on camera and transforming them into visual experiences, merging analogue and digital and exploring the possibilities of new media. The band received Arts Council funding for the first of The New Machine series in 2013 to release in the form of an ephemeral app for all devices. The release was on the top apps of the week in The Guardian, and received praise from magazines like MusicWeek ("genius"), Stereoboard ("bold"), Invasion Mag ("Possibly the coolest EP to have ever existed. Ever") and Kolaj Magazine "The Nyco Project takes things to a whole new level... For lovers of collage, TNP is a rare opportunity to see just how far the genre can go."

They continued the series through years of work, and with The New Machine III they finalised the full album The Twelve Seasons.

Anna Wilson (music & cross arts producer, Barbican Centre)

"Amazing music, amazing art"

Rachel Nelken (senior producer, Roundhouse)

"Really beautiful"

Vassilis Oikonomopoulos (assistant curator, Tate Modern)

"Great, just great!"

The New Machine III production at Joldwynds. Direction & production Strange Pill, Videography Jordi Pol. Band: The Nyco Project
The New Machine III interactive video art installation. Song: Don't Say A Word. Band: The Nyco Project. Art direction & production: Strange Pill. Videography: Strange Pill & Jordi Pol. Landscape painting: Philippa Heimann. Animation: Daymotif. Exhibition at Blenheim pop-up gallery, 2017.

Don't Say A Word was created with Philippa Heimann's painting "My Green World". Animated in collaboration with artist Daymotif to create a fantastically surreal landscape that responds to touch.

The New Machine III production at Joldwynds. Direction & production Strange Pill, Videography Jordi Pol. Band: The Nyco Project
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