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Pioneering photographer, activist, feminist, film maker, singer, musician and, in essence, multidisciplinary artist and philanthropist.

Read more about Francine in this excellent article by Ian Opolot in The Quietus Magazine which came out on the 11th Feb 2023

/// Physical exhibition at Joldwynds to be announced soon.

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During the sixties, Francine moved to New York where she became enchanted by the jazz scene and started experimenting with her technique, holding the shot and then moving the camera, as in a dance with the artist, to capture the emotion of the moment and the artist's movement. She created a blurred free-form still which had no stillness and mirrored the dynamic improvisation of the performer. She coined it "Fever" technique. This technique became iconic and has been imitated since by photographers around the world, on jazz record covers and magazines.

Here are some examples of both high and mild fever.


From her professional start at Island Records working alongside Chris Blackwell to build the label, Francine entered a world of music and photography that she would never let go of. Beyond FEVER there are many iconic images that have never been linked to Francine Winham. She was bold and daring - with an original eye and sensitivity she captured the most extraordinary legacy moments. Here are some of them...

/// Physical exhibition at Joldwynds to be announced soon

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