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Availability Uncertain comes and goes. She's a hand cut collage artist we love to have around, a creative force. Her first visit to spend some time developing her work was in Autumn 2017 where she put together her first series of cutups.


Check out some of her work here:


Availability Uncertain is the alter ego of Strange Pill's multidisciplinary artist Zahara Muñoz-Vicens. Under this pseudonym she explores collage, only this time she moves away from the digital experience and into the tangible form of old magazine cutups, from 1930s to 1990s, sometimes merging with current day textures. 

Philosophy, Sociology and Gestalt studies imbue her work with femininity and dry humour. Sometimes ironic, Availability Uncertain explores layers of tought, surrealism and humanity's faults from a universal perspective.

Her paper collage work has exhibited at Francine Winham's pop-up gallery off Abbey Road curated by Strange Pill with the support of Joldwynds Arts and at J. Mane Gallery. Her artwork with The Nyco Project has also exhibited in international Kolaj magazine #19.

“I love the feeling of disconnection you get when you're at Joldwynds. The roar of London feels so distant despite its proximity, it brings mental expansion, allows you to think and breathe and be profoundly creative... and then you just blink and you're back in the hub!”


Availability Uncertain, 2019

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